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    Challenge Hoster
    This is the Final Submissions thread for the Big & Blocky Challenge

    Make sure to submit your final submission before August 19th, 2022 at 10 pm CET

    You are allowed to submit multiple artworks, however, you can only win once. When you feel like you’ve pushed yourself as far as you can and there’s nothing else to do, post it here (reply to this thread with your submission).

    If you’re unsure about the rules, check out our RULES

    Final Submission

    • Post your final submission by replying to this thread below.
    • Include 1 “Main Shot” of your scene and a few different angles or closeups (we recommend 2-3+ images) videos & gifs are of course also welcome.
    • Images have to be high resolution (2560×1440) or higher. (you might not be able to attach them to this post, if so please upload them to a drive and share the link)
    • Make it looks awesome!

    That’s it!

    We’re really excited to see what you come up with for your final entry :smiley:

    Good luck!

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    Final Submission: The Writer’s Museum, Edinburgh

    Main Shot:

    The remaining images and a video will be on google drive and on the WIP thread of mine, to avoid spamming this post with pictures (there is many).

    Link to the video:

    I had great time working on this challenge. This is the biggest project I worked on so far and I learned a lot from this challenge. Didn’t realize how crucial the blockout stage is. I’ve seen some beautiful works and ideas and would love to see some of these scenes completely textured.

    Thank you Emiel for making this possible and to everyone who participated in this challenge.



    This is my final submission. Abandoned Station Mall

    I can say, this challenge learned me how solid blockout is important in environment creation.

    Thanks to all who organized and participated in the challenge.

    My final work. I had really great time during this challenge!





Viewing 4 replies - 16 through 19 (of 19 total)
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